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Kids Grappling Club

I am absolutely ecstatic to continue another passion of mine within jiujitsu - helping kids find their confidence, balance their ego and emotions, and learn the value of hard work. I have taught at the best gyms around the city, running, managing or assisting kids programs and camps for the same purposes. I'm happy to now have the opportunity to structure a camps of my own, organizing them to ensure that they are efficient in offering a level of instruction and value built on a decade of learning and experience.

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"Michael is an excellent coach. My son, who has special needs, has greatly enjoyed Michael's coaching. Michael is kind,  patient and yet firm with the student's performance. He is good at motivating and encouraging my son to keep challenging his limit.  The lessons are always fun;  my son never wants to miss his BJJ time with Michael."

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My Vision

My vision for these programs is to help kids gain interest in not only martial arts, but also in the environments that they provide and have provided me for a large part of my life. From a brief stint in karate as a child and a decade of grappling, I have been surrounded by people who have helped shape me into the person I am today. I have been blessed to receive mentorship from coaches and peers on and off the mats, and have received opportunities to challenge myself and grow - and I'm better for it.

I now want to offer the same chance to other kids, so they can benefit from a role model and mentor the way I have.

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What You Can Expect

You can expect that your kids will be in a safe, friendly and positive environment while being encouraged to challenge themselves through the vehicle of grappling arts. They will be learning grappling for self defence purposes, as well as sport and basic body awareness! There will be plenty of exercise, plenty of fun and games, and plenty of hard work. You can be rest assured that your children will leave happy and exhausted!

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